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About Me
My name is Z, I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Reiki and Energy Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner, Certified Reflexology Practitioner, and Professional V- Steam Practitioner. I use my experience and knowledge to provide an energetic take on self-healing and spiritual guidance. I offer a chance to experience Mindfulness, Meditation and Compassionate Self- Healing, allowing you to embrace your true self with acceptance.  
My journey to self-healing began in 2009. I had just came out of a mental abuser engagement and questioned myself on any little decision. While going through this relationship, being a mother of 2, and a highly stressful career in law enforcement, I lost who I was as a woman! 
I decided to truly go within and discovered so much more than I could have imagined. My gifts came back full force and I made the decision to help others. It took 7 years and I do NOT want it to take that long for anyone else. Healing is a journey so allow me to give you the necessary tools to awaken your healing power.
Many blessings
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